SW Week 15

April 25th 2016 = 20 Stone 6lbs - Maintained So this last week I have started cycling as well as Jogging. I can now Jog a mile faster than I EVER have done!!! I am now running at under 12 minutes a mile (Still a fast walking pace for some people but don't forget those … Continue reading SW Week 15


Keep the Faith, Just like Harry!

Now you may have noticed that in my ramblings I keep talking about Keeping the Faith. What do I mean? Well its simple really, I mean faith in YOUR plan (whatever that is) if you know you are eating less rubbish, eating more healthy fresh stuff and getting your heart rate up and pumping in whatever … Continue reading Keep the Faith, Just like Harry!

Shark Week

Don't be thinking this ones just for the ladies.... I know a few TG Blokes out there who will be suffering from this too.  And any other fellas are more than welcome to have a read and try and figure out how to best support any Shark Week sufferers in their lives through what is … Continue reading Shark Week


There are so many reasons for writing this blog. Here's just a few: To document my progress. I want to somehow document my journey, for me, to make myself accountable to me. If I promise myself to do this every week then I am confronting my feelings, I am using this blog as a sort … Continue reading Why?