Fatty, Fatso and Chunk!


Fatty, Fatso and Chunk!

So there are all these little fat cells inside of you making up a massive percentage of your body weight and they are like little bubble men, with eyes and arms and legs and they shout at you to bring them more friends.

The loudest little guy in me is called Fatty. He’s in there with his friends Fatso and Chunk and they all want a massive party with loads of their fat cell friends.

And what happens is, throughout the day as you use energy, these little guys pop (a bit like popping bubble wrap) so Fatty has less friends to play with. When this happens he shouts even louder.

He’s all like… ‘YO….. Send me some new friends… I want a big ass party with my friends down here! Give me pizza… or chocolate, or a chocolate pizza!!!… sugar.. I need sugar!!’ and you’re all like… hmmm ‘I think I really fancy pizza tonight’ as if you’re actually in control!

So lets say you realise what Fatty is trying to do, his plan to gain more friends is actually just making you fatter by the minute so you stop listening to him. You try to eat healthy but Fatty doesn’t like it. He knows your plan, so he shouts even louder, those cravings get stronger and the urge to just pig out on the closest fatty thing is so huge that you just can’t contain yourself. That pizza tastes so good because it is actually making him shut the hell up for five minutes. The melted cheese is just adding to his funky chunky party he’s got going on and he is loving it! Its adding more fat cells which in turn will help him become louder and stronger and soon you can hear nothing but Fatty shouting for more friends!

Well I want you to know that if you keep resisting, if you keep on ignoring him no matter how hard it is, then over time he gets quieter. As his friends all start to pop around him the voice of a thousand fat cells dies down… the cravings are replaced with cravings of other things, things your body actually needs, healthy things like the vitamins and minerals in fresh crunchy vibrantly coloured vegetables. Cravings that you couldn’t even hear before, because Fatty and his millions of friends were too loud and overbearing!

So what do we do? We ignore him, we learn about healthy amounts of fats and stick to a daily amount. We learn how to pop those fat cells and try and break up this unwanted house party. We find a beautiful tribe of others all fighting the same fight and we build each other up and support each other to win our own internal battles!

So Fatty… are you listening to us? We will take back the fight and stand up to you and your friends and we wont listen to you anymore. We will play our fight song and we will sing it out loud to drown out your screams. We will dance and run and swim back to being able to hear our own bodies and do you know what you can do fatty…..

…You can Jog on Fatty!!!

x x

Don’t forget you are welcome to come and join me on my journey on my social media pages like Facebook and Instagram and I also have a lovely Facebook support and chat group where we can all get advice from one another and everyone’s welcome so feel free to come and introduce yourself.

If I have inspired you in any way through my ramblings please share my blog or pages with anyone you think might be interested. If theres one thing I love, its inspiring more people to know they CAN do this!

Love and hugs! x x x


4 thoughts on “Fatty, Fatso and Chunk!

  1. Anonymous says:

    love this one, gonna jump on those little fat cells until i burs the lot, gonna stab them with carrot sticks and celery, thanks Kristy you are ace at inspiring me.

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