How I lost 12lbs in one week (and hit the 6 stone mark!)



So yeah…. -12lbs in one week….

If you would have told me that before I would have laughed it off and said ‘its not possible, there is no way, DON’T BE A DICK!!!’ 

But there it is… its written in my book, I saw it on the scales and no its not my first week in fact far from it. I’m on week 46 and I have actually amazed myself! Thats almost a stone in one week!!

So obviously I posted my 6st award photo on social media last night, and everything’s exploded. Hundreds of people are now following me from all over the place. We have had almost 200 new members to the support group overnight and nearly 1000 followers on my FB page not to mention Instagram and Twitter.

So firstly…Welcome to my Blog, my groups, my pages and thank you for coming to join me. Please feel free to read my previous blog posts which document my progress almost weekly and have lots of random thoughts that spill out of my head onto here…

But down to what you really want to know. “How the F**K did she lose that in one week?” I hear you cry… Now I will say this before we start….

THERE IS NO QUICK FIX OR MAGIC BUTTON! So if its a quick fix you want then i’m probably not the best person to be looking into but if its about how to REALLY make a CHANGE in your lifestyle and learn a new way of life then please…. continue!

(Quick flashback scene like in a movie – the quick version for those of you that know this already.)

  • Xmas 2015 I was over 24 stone decided to lose weight
  • January the 11th 2016 I joined Slimming World. First weigh in 23st 8.5lbs
  • Around the same time started running (ten seconds then collapse kind of running)
  • Built up my exercise over time
  • started a blog to keep me motivated
  • Fast forward to now and I’ve lost 6 stone and can run up to 10k!

When I started my weight loss was quick and it was melting off me. I learnt about what foods I needed to measure and what I could eat an abundance of. I learnt that if I exercised at least 3 times per week (and I mean got a sweat on for at least half an hour) then I lost more that week than if I just concentrated on food alone. I learnt how to balance the exercise and the food and even began to relax with my food a little as the weight was going and I knew how to control it. I got to the point where I was so relaxed with how I looked, felt and my new routine that little things had started to creep into my day, little snacks, extra nibbles, not so many runs, nowhere near drinking as much water and not so many steps in a day. It never had a huge effect on my weight loss but it all sure slowed down.  A LOT!

So a few weeks ago in group, we wrote out a promise to ourselves for Christmas (I was 5 and a half stone gone then) my promise was to really go for it now and lose another stone and also start some real running again and be able to run a full 10k by Christmas! Last week our lovely group leader asked what we were going to do this week to help us on the way to those goals and my promise last week was to do the Slimming world plan 100%. I dont mean the food optimising as to me that is only 50% of it. Sure it works, but if you add the other 50% of exercise then it really works.

So my magical secret that you have all been waiting for??

I followed THE PLAN 100%!!

  • I went back to basics
  • I re-read my book from front to back
  • I was honest and didn’t cheat myself
  • I ate all SW free food meals, freshly cooked
  • I had 3 meals per day
  • I snacked on fruit
  • I walked over 10,000 steps every day (moderate)
  • I exercised and got my heart PUMPING for at least 30 mins EVERYDAY!!!
  • I ate over 10 different speed foods everyday
  • I concentrated on Protein and Speed foods at EVERY meal
  • I resisted temptation (even when sat in the pub and McDonalds)
  • I ate my Healthy Extras
  • I drank around 3 litres of water a day
  • I ate between 10-15 Syns per day (including my daily chocolate bar!
  • Even when I was out with friends I chose salads and had my dressing as syns

So thats it. Thats all I can tell you really. I’m not sure it was a total 12lb of fat that went away this week, I’m sure there was some fat in there but also a lot of water. I will be amazed if I keep all of that off by next week. I’m due a gain next week anyway due to hormones and Endo (Shark Week)  So we’ll see what that brings

I feel amazing right now and I wish I could bottle it all up and hand it out to you all.

Thank you all so much for following me. Knowing that I am inspiring others and helping people to change their lives is an amazing feeling and it spurs me on everyday! I am seriously overwhelmed with the amount of support I keep getting from people all over the world whom I have never met! You guys are awesome!

Remember… I’m not Wonder Woman. I’m just like you. I struggle everyday with cravings, motivation, determination and the sofa and blanket and PJs keep staring and me and crying because I hardly spend time with them anymore! Come and follow me and we can help each other out!

Also remember… If I can do this… SO CAN YOU! x x x

Keep the Faith! x x x


25 thoughts on “How I lost 12lbs in one week (and hit the 6 stone mark!)

  1. Nicola says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog. You are articulate, funny and inspirational. Looking forward to reading more 🙂 xx

  2. Louise Musselwhite says:

    Been on and off the SW diet for a year, I lost 2 1/2 stone but took time out last year as had major surgery and Ive found it really difficult to get back and keep to plan. I’ve put a bit of the weight back on so feeling angry and despondent with myself. Finding it difficult!

  3. Jog on Fatty says:

    Hi Louise, thanks for stopping by. It is hard and things like major surgery definitely challenge us!
    I hope you find some inspiration in my blog posts to help you get back on track and you are more than welcome to come and join my support group on facebook for some daily motivation if you like! Thanks again for stopping by! x

  4. Amanda says:

    Well done you. I am 2lbs off my 6 stones but been fannying around for 6 months to get this last stone, so want it but can’t get my mojo back!! Reading this makes me wanna succeed so thank you xx

  5. Lauren says:

    Absolutely amazing! Saw your post on fb but didn’t flow the comments. I’m going to try a basics week from tomorrow and see how I get on. I’ve done a stone and a half following the diet on and off since March. Not a lot but better than nothing. You’ve inspired me to get back on track properly!

  6. Tracy says:

    Just came across your blog and it’s proper inspired me .ive been on plan 17 weeks in total had 1 gain 4lb but total lost so far is still 2stone 5.5 lb ..I’m happy with the progress .its bloody hard at times to think what to eat .but it’s people like you that makes me think yes I can do this I’m gonna have good weeks but I’m also gonna have bad weeks ..I no that .so thank you for sharing your journey ur amazing and massive well done on your 6 stone xxx thanks

  7. Gloria says:

    Been doing sw now for 25 weeks and lost 3stone 4lbs but things r starting to slow down and I’m doing it correctly just don’t no we’re in goin wrong

  8. Helen says:

    Fabulous! I’ve been at target for 5 years (lost 5.5st) however I’ve been struggling the last 6 months to stay there and have been out of target range for last 4 weeks. You have given me the kick up the bum needed to make me see its easy if you stick to plan, get the body moving and believe. Thank you and good luck with the rest of your journey. X

  9. Sarah young says:

    Well done I wish I had the motivation and I’d love to run x your story is great and I will keep it in mind when I start slacking to keep me motivated xx

  10. Jordan says:

    Hey can you post a copy of your food diary/ shopping list for meals that week. I struggle with preparation a lot aswell as thinking of food ideas that suit my little boy too
    You’ve done amazingly
    Well done x

  11. Jog on Fatty says:

    Hi Jordan. I dot keep a food diary anymore as I’m pretty much used to what I should and shouldn’t be eating now but if you join my social media sites (mainly the FB support and chat group) I talk about what I’m eating each day and also there are lots of other people there that could help with ideas for you! X X

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