Fatty Love & Testimonials

So I asked my awesome followers what ‘Jog on Fatty’ meant to them, not just the blog but the social media side of things too including our lovely Facebook support group.

Some lovely people had this to say about me, my journey and how its helped them along the way too:

“I really enjoy the ‘Jog on Fatty blog’ & the Facebook group. Everyone’s very honest & helpful. There’s no criticism just plain, simple, real advice. I honestly enjoy this more than my our own Slimming World group page. I can ask things on the JoF Facebook group & know I’ll get an answer or pointed in the right direction.”  – Nicola C 

“I’m really glad I found ‘Jog on Fatty’. I’m at the beginning of my weight loss journey and I’ve felt so inspired by her journey. I genuinely believe that my journey has been improved by having the opportunity to follow hers.” – Gillian H

“I found this group (JoF Facebook Group) about 2 months ago and am on a lot of similar groups. This is without a doubt the best one I have found. The members are all so friendly and there is no bitchiness at all which I see on other groups. It’s full of great advice, support and encouragement and a lot of humour too. No judging or high horses here. Kirky King is the best admin even if she does say coooookkkkkkke a lot in her posh voice 😊 ” – Gillian P

“Well what can I say, you’re such an inspiration and full of motivation, you certainly put me to shame. I’m so pleased to have you as a friend. I love reading your blogs, they certainly give me ideas, things to think about, and I love you x” – Roz M


“I came upon your blog whilst looking for motivation to start exercising following a four stone weight loss. Your blogs inspired me to get moving and your fabulous support group has got me from walking to swimming a mile and to get my trainers back on after 22 years and start running again. Thank you for support and your craziness that keeps me laughing. Keep on making me smile xx” – Claire G


“Back in September 2016 I started my “weight loss journey” at the beginning I struggled, in fact there are days when I still struggle keeping to my healthy eating/exercise plan & so I started looking on Facebook for some support groups. I found loads including yours & over a short period of time I left all the other groups because I couldn’t cope with the bitchy judgemental comments. Kirky your inspirational blogs have kept me on track like you wouldn’t believe. Every time I feel like reaching for that emotional crutch of a choccy biscuit, it’s as if you’re actually in the room with me asking if it’s a good idea? Yep even from afar you’re my voice of reasoning, halfway round my 5km walk you inspire me to actually keep on going & up the pace!! (Yep I hear voices in my head!!) Everyone here in the Jog on Fatty support group are so caring, non judgy – no one ask HOW did you get so big in the first place – just overwhelming support & friendliness with stories shared, suddenly I’m no longer alone. So Kirky King you rock & I can’t thank you enough for sharing your ‘journey’ with us all & mAking our lives so much easier. All my love you amazing lady xxx”  – Nicki C 

“I have been on this journey of up and down weight loss for over 5 years now! This year I have given myself the challenge of getting Fit for 40 and ending the vicious circle of failure! Jog on Fatty page has been so inspiring and helpful! Everyone is so supportive and Kirky King is a true inspiration 👍🏻 thanks for helping to inspire and motivate me too xx” – Elaine L

“I had seem the occasional twitter post off and on for a while and then while on a downer I saw a post which peaked my interested. I followed the link and by the end of that particular blog entry I had regained my focus and determination. Since that day and subsequently becoming a part of the Facebook group, the help and support has not only been there throughout but has also expanded to the other group members. A real inspiration. ” – Paul J


“My consultant linked to one of your blog entries about “the big loss” in her weekly newsletter, started reading, loved it, clicked around a bit more and before I knew it had read 5 or 6 and realised your blog is like TV Tropes for slimming motivation – a black hole that’ll eat silly amounts of time if you let it because there’s just so much awesome there.
Love the community you’ve brought together, feels like talking honestly with my SW friends – lots of people sharing different experiences but all thinking along similar lines.”
– Tony W

“I honestly haven’t paid any of these lovely people either, in fact I’ve only ever met one of them in real life!”  – Kirky King (Hee Hee) 


If Jog on Fatty has touched you in anyway (and I don’t mean inappropriately… grow up!) then please contact us and let us know your story. What does Jog on Fatty mean to you? We are always looking for feedback on the blogs, the support groups and the social media and thinking of ways to expand and improve so if you have anything you would like to tell us or just fancy a chit chat then please feel free to get in touch!

Thanks for all the love!