Four & a Half Stone and Back in the Zone!

So this week is the first week I have felt confident in running again after over 6 weeks of putting it off after my fall (I smashed my face on the concrete, bust my top lip and now have to have dental work done on my two front teeth! It shook me up for a … Continue reading Four & a Half Stone and Back in the Zone!


Excuses and Self Sabotage!

So today I've been thinking a lot about the excuses we come up with  and the ways we sabotage our own hard work! One of the main excuses I come across is 'events'. Big or small, personal or happening to someone else, there is always some event on the horizon. And I dont just mean … Continue reading Excuses and Self Sabotage!

My Essentials!

Ok so here's a few things that have helped me along the way in my journey! Some of it I definitely could not do without and I don't even know how I ever lived without it! Activity Tracker - So firstly we have the FITBIT. Now I had been wanting a Fitbit for months but … Continue reading My Essentials!