Keep the Faith, Just like Harry!


Now you may have noticed that in my ramblings I keep talking about Keeping the Faith. What do I mean? Well its simple really, I mean faith in YOUR plan (whatever that is) if you know you are eating less rubbish, eating more healthy fresh stuff and getting your heart rate up and pumping in whatever way floats your boat a few times a week, then you are more than likely getting fitter, and as you get fitter the weight will disappear with time, but you have to Keep the Faith in your plan. Keep the Faith in what you are doing week by week. There is no end to this journey, it’s a new plan for life there is no date in the future when you can magically eat pizza all the time again and not face the consequences. So if you stick to your plan as much as you possibly can then it will work.

Take Bob and Harry for instance….

Bob is disheartened by the numbers on the scale. Bob says he has ‘been good‘ all week. So Bob says ‘F*%k it I’m having that Chinese tonight, whats the point in being good if I’m not going to lose weight’ so Bob, goes home, stuffs himself with Chinese food until he couldn’t possibly fit another Prawn cracker in his mouth, then Bob feels guilty but also thinks he has ruined today by having the Chinese so he may as well start on the tub of Ben & Jerry’s that is shouting him from the freezer and he can start again tomorrow…..

The next day Bob wakes up and doesn’t cut the fat off his bacon and one hash brown won’t hurt, and how many syns are in a sausage again? Oh well it doesn’t matter, he ruined last night anyway so he may as well continue today. Bob will make sure he has a GOOD tea when he gets home from work…. Oh wait.. leftover Chinese… but it’s ok because it’s like it was one meal spread over two days really so that’s better than eating it all on the one night….

Next week Bob doesn’t want to get weighed so he makes an excuse not to go to group. Bob is sad. Bob feels guilty so he kicks himself up the butt and gets back on track and has a really good week….

Next week at weigh in Bob has lost half a pound…’HALF A POUND says Bob…. and I was really good all week!’ Bob thinks ‘F*%k it… I’m having fish and chips on the way home’ and so Bobs monthly cycle continues…..

Harry is disheartened by the numbers on the scale. Harry knows he has been good all week. Harry goes home and continues his plan for another week adding in a planned out treat meal consisting of a Chinese made of low Syns/Calories/Fats and he eats a sensible portion sharing it with the rest of the family so there are no leftovers. Harry knows that if he wants to see the numbers change he needs to make a conscious effort to up his exercise this week and keep an eye on his food. Harry writes a food diary and cuts the fat off his bacon, Harry makes an effort to get his heart racing for 20 minutes or more 3 or more times a week. Harry keeps the faith and continues to follow his plan

Next week at weigh in Harry is happy with the numbers and knows that whatever the numbers say, as long as he keeps the faith each week and sticks to his plan those numbers will come down in their own time.

Don’t be like Bob, Be like Harry!!!

X X 


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