A Different Approach!

Be True to You! So this week has got me thinking. Theres so many of us out there that has an ok week. not the worst week in the world, stayed roughly within syns give or take a handful here or there, upped our exercise, really felt good about the week and achieved a few … Continue reading A Different Approach!


Another 6lb Gone This Week!

6 is the magic number for me this week. Last week I felt like I needed to force myself back into the zone as I was still feeling the effects of Christmas and New Year (what a fucking excuse Kirsty....its the 25th of January....come on!) So I went back to basics and on Monday night … Continue reading Another 6lb Gone This Week!


'When Are We Ever Satisfied?' All I seem to hear at the minute is how people are disappointed or needing something more. That they ONLY lost 1lb this week or even worse... they ONLY lost 2lbs.... Seriously guys come on... writing this blog has really opened my eyes to our sensationalist culture. This constant need … Continue reading Satisfaction!