About Me

This blog is magically dreamt up by me, Kirsty, a 38yr old with crazy coloured hair who usually spends most of my timing daydreaming of monkeys riding magical unicorns!!

I am an overconfident giant at 6ft tall and the most amount of pizza in my belly weighed in at the top of the scales at over 24 stone!!!!

This is my journey as a fat bird into learning how to retrain my brain, learning new eating habits and learning how to get fit whilst fat (and probably changing shape along the way)

I am on this journey in order to get fit, be able to do more exciting things and go on lots of adventures that involve scaling mountains and swimming with sharks (and obviously riding unicorns!) I have come to realise that 24 stone of pizza belly will not help a person to do those things so in January 2016 I decided it was time to change!

Thanks for taking an interest and I hope you find some kind of inspiration in my journey!

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