How I Built Up My Exercise!

The picture on the left is me not even at my biggest, so over 23 stone sometime in 2015. The Picture on the right is me at the start of May 2016 after losing over 3 stone.  People react to my journey in lots of different ways and I get lots of people telling me … Continue reading How I Built Up My Exercise!



23rd May 2016 - 19st 5lbs - 6.5lb Loss Interim Target Reached 4 Stone Award Slimmer of the Week 4 miles ran in an hour (I am so proud of this, you cannot even imagine) Next goals:- 4.5 stone award - 3.5lbs away So thats 4 stone 3.5lbs in 19 weeks! I've upped my game … Continue reading SW Week 19 – INT TARGET REACHED!

SW Week 18

  15th May 2016 - 19st 11.5lbs - 2lb Loss Gold Body Magic Award Next goals:- 19st 10lbs = Interim Target (1.5lbs away) 19st 8.5lbs = 4 Stone Mark (3lbs away)   Wow!! I cant believe that I'm up to Gold. This week I have been running a 4 mile route whilst listening to the … Continue reading SW Week 18

SW Week 17

May 9th 2016 = 19 stone 13.5lbs - 2.5lbs Loss!! 3.5 Stone Award I feel amazing! As you can probably tell from my recent posts its been a stressful time in our Kingdom just recently, and I feel like I've come out the other side having conquered stress eating, conquered emotional running, planning for stress … Continue reading SW Week 17