Hello, I'm Kirsty, originally a 6ft, 24 stone giant on a journey to shrink myself through running and eating healthy. Under 'Random Musings' you will find me babbling on about epiphanies I have had whilst out running, how I am losing weight, what kinds of things I eat and general fluff that drifts around in … Continue reading Welcome…

Did I ever tell you about my elusive mate Motivation?

Zig Ziglar once said “People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.” Last month I found a bit of motivation to try harder at being fitter. I kept a food diary and noticed what I was putting in my mouth. I watched how many steps I was doing and … Continue reading Did I ever tell you about my elusive mate Motivation?

The little things….

Sometimes 5.30am is way too early. Sometimes it’s the perfect time.Sunrise, a cup of fruit tea, a glass of water and breakfast…. for my mate Bobbin. (Don’t worry I haven’t turned to the mealworm diet just yet!). Sometimes all you need is a good nights sleep and then a blanket wrapped around you in the … Continue reading The little things….

What day is it?

Happy Thursday... at least I think it’s Thursday. I have no concept of days anymore. this week has been a bit strange. I’m kind of stuck in bed still. I stayed in bed for two days originally and my back started to feel a bit better, then by last Monday I got out of bed … Continue reading What day is it?