Hello, I'm Kirsty, originally a 6ft, 24 stone giant on a journey to shrink myself through running and eating healthy. Under 'Random Musings' you will find me babbling on about epiphanies I have had whilst out running, how I am losing weight, what kinds of things I eat and general fluff that drifts around in … Continue reading Welcome…


Pegging the washing out is dangerous… take it from me!

Hey everyone, so sorry I've not been around for a while. 2018 is kicking me up the arse... literally. So the main reason I haven't been around is because I haven't had a minute to myself. I know I know some of you must be thinking but you had all that time off when you … Continue reading Pegging the washing out is dangerous… take it from me!

My Brand New LOGO

So here it is.. drumroll please......OUR AMAZING NEW LOGO DESIGNS!!! I've been working with the wonderful Jo from Rainworks Design & Print and he has come up with two logos which I am very happy with and that reflect what I think 'Jog On Fatty' means to me. One design with the wording #JOGONFATTY and … Continue reading My Brand New LOGO

Jog On Fatty Events

So I know a few of you are waiting to hear about upcoming dates for our 2018 Beginners Bootcamps and don't worry, we will be letting you know all the details soon enough. I just wanted to share with you the fact that as well as the Boot Camps (alongside Steve Williams at Motivate Bootcamp) … Continue reading Jog On Fatty Events