One to One – Getting Down and Personal with ‘Jog on Fatty’!


(Picture is of old me at 24 stone and then now me 6 stone down the line and 11 months later. I still have 3 or 4 stone to go but I am so happy with my Journey so far)

So I’ve spent the last year changing my life and now I want to spend the next year helping you change yours!

As of January 2017 I will be offering personal one to one sessions for a bit of added extra support. The sessions will be one per week for a minimum of 8 weeks, and aim to help you to embed your new healthy lifestyle, into your current routine.

I will be providing extra support to people who are already following an existing healthy eating plan and attending regular group sessions.

Each persons plan will be different, concentrating on YOU, your life and how to make those changes last FOREVER! Don’t worry I will not be making you ‘Jog’ or ‘squat’ or some other god awful thing you may be scared to do (Unless thats what you choose to put in your plan!) I am not a Personal Trainer or a Dietician. I am just there to be the Jiminy Cricket on your shoulder, the little angel helping to fight off the Demons (oh wait… hold on while I have a little laugh at calling myself an Angel ha ha) I will help you formulate a plan over the first  few sessions and then we will work together on how that plan can be realistically stuck to. We will look at what kinds of things you have tried before and what got in the way. We will focus on problem solving skills and motivational tips and how to tackle the all important evil excuses that ‘Fatty, Fatso and Chunk’ throw in our way.

If you feel that you would like more sessions after the initial 8 weeks then you are more than welcome to book in further sessions at a minimum of 4 weekly periods.

Personal One to One sessions – 1 hour sessions

These personal meet up sessions are only currently available to people who live within a 10 miles radius of Derby, already following a plan and/or attending a group. The hour long sessions are for a minimum of 8 weeks with an option to extend for another 4 weeks at the end of each contract.

Also included in this package is online support via email, Facebook private chat or any other online way of communicating you prefer.

Email/Online Support Sessions – 1/2 hour sessions

These online support sessions are available to anyone who is following a plan but struggling to embed it into their lives. These sessions run for half an hour per week for 8 weeks with an option to extend for a further 4 weeks at the end of each contract.

Included in this package is one 1/2 hour per week online personal one to one approach either via Email, Facebook private chat or your choice of online communication, plus regular online support communication throughout the weeks.

Face Time and Skype One to One Sessions

Coming Soon – Watch this Space!


If you are interested in more information or a chat about booking Personal Sessions in 2017 then please get in touch and let me know a bit about yourself and what sessions you are specifically interested in.