Save the Donkeys!

Ok so this is slightly different to usual. I’m appealing to my readers and followers to help me and a very dear friend of mine out.

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A few days ago my dear friend Phil lost his beloved partner to Cystic Fibrosis. Tim has been struggling with the terrible illness all his life and last Christmas Eve, Tim’s twin brother died from the same complications. Needless to say, recent times have been hard. The one thing that kept Phil and Tim going through the tough times were the boys beloved rescued Donkeys.

Phil and Tim are the proud humans of Oscar, Harvey, Ben and Jasper over at Donkarma in Thrumpton, Nottingham. The Donkeys have a therapeutic calming influence on anyone they meet and have done work in their local communities visiting residential homes and helping people, bringing joy with them in their work. They are cheeky and lovable and understandably take a lot to look after.

As you can imagine this is a difficult time for Phil and the Donkeys (also affectionately known as the Buns due to their little soft squishy bun like noses) 

Donkarma and Phil need time to grieve and work out what is going to happen in their future without the added pressure of where the next carrot and straw bale is coming from, as you can imagine, feeding and supporting four hungry donkeys comes with a price and that’s where we need your help.

The next few months are crucial in everyone’s healing and the more money we can raise to help the amazing Phil and his beautiful Donkeys the better. 

If anyone knows Phil, you will know how much money he has raised in his lifetime for Macmillan and CF charities. The man is a machine, he has travelled the world helping people, trekking through Peru, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and all the while raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity. He even carried an Olympic torch! 

Well now he needs OUR help, now WE need to be the ones moving mountains and showing him OUR support.

If you are not in a position to help financially then please help to spread the word by sharing this page, or the link, and telling your friends how important this is. 
Alternatively, if you have any fundraising ideas that could help out or want to join the fundraising team then please get in touch with Me and we can work together to help Phil and the Buns! 

Maybe you could run your own little race, jog a mile and get sponsored for it. Just a few quid from any friends or family would really help out.

Jog On Fatty currently has around 6000 followers on Facebook alone. If everyone gave 50pence we would hit our target in no time at all.

Please help any way you can!

Thank you for your support, 

Kirsty, Phil, Oscar, Harvey, Ben and Jasper 
(and friends)

Here is the link to our go fund me page