Fake sewing machines and Evil Robots disguised as physio, and an update on Snowdon.

So I’m into my second week of physio therapy for my ankle, and for anyone that thinks it’s a doddle…… it’s not!!! I’m literally learning to balance and walk again and I spent half an hour walking up and down a fake staircase that doesn’t go anywhere…. there’s fake sewing machines and lathes that don’t actually produce anything and I’m sure if they set up the rest of the machines and gave out some material, the people in there would soon start producing and it’s another way to make money to support the NHS. But alas no…… just empty tables with the bottom half of the singer sewing machine on to work your broken bits.

It bloody hurts as well. There’s this one machine called the balance master or as I like to call it… the shit bag wobble board!!! Imagine standing on top of a plate that sits on top of a football…… that football is rotating underneath you….. ‘now stay still…… just let your ankles move gently’…. ‘GENTLY MY ARSE KAREN, ITS SHOOTING SPEARS UP MY SHINS you bloody shit bag!’ Evil Robots from hell they should call it…. not ankle class.

Anyway I spoke to my lovely physio about this and apparently I’m trying to do too much too soon. I keep getting horrendous pains on the top of my ankle joint and up into my leg and in between the bit on top of the foot. Anyway she says it’s something to do with my Sinus Tarsi (which apparently has nothing to do with the nose kind of sinus.) and I need to rest it more and not do some of the exercises I have been doing. And apparently I need to stop being so bloody enthusiastic….. me….. never!!!

So it’s back to work and mainly normal duties for me this week but I’m sorry to say this injury is going to take a lot longer than I hoped to heal. Which means I am going to have to cancel my upcoming trek up Snowdon. I feel like a complete let down and a failure sometimes as I have had to cancel so much in the last year due to illness and one thing or another but I know it can’t be helped. I do wonder what the universe is trying to tell me and I think it’s telling me to slow down. Well I can’t get any bloody slower at the minute.

So apologies for those of you that were looking forward to achieving Snowdon with me. If you would like to still go on a Snowdon Trek, head over to Steve at Motivate Bootcamp as I know he has a couple coming up that you can book onto and there is currently still places. And tell him Jog on Fatty sent you.

I will still be planning on making that one of my future achievements but for now it will have to go on the shelf for a little while.

So that’s it really.

I’ll keep you updated on the robot ankle in good time.

Massive hugs xxxxx