Escape Rooms! (Warning: This blog is not even remotely fitness related)

So this blog is not fitness related, feel free to scroll on by if you wish but I thought I would share my news with everyone!

Last year I was introduced to what is fast becoming my new favourite pastime. Escape rooms. Now if you have never been in an escape room before then basically all you need to know is that you pay someone some money to lock you in a themed room for an hour and you try and figure out all the clues to open the door before the timer goes off. Sounds strange I hear you say. Well it’s not, well maybe, just a little bit… ok that does sound a bit weird but honestly it’s great fun and I love it so much. I have spent years playing point and click escape rooms online and apps on my phone and now all of a sudden the real world is full of actual real life rooms. The puzzles are challenging, and its best to go in a small group of between 4-6 people. It helps to have a range of skills between you. (Think Crystal Maze)

Around December last year a team from my part time job got together and picked a place in town to go. It was a birthday and Christmas celebration all in one and we made a night of it. We headed to Escape Game Over in Derby and attempted their easiest room, Jack The Ripper! We had a great laugh and got out with about 5 mins to spare. Then after Christmas we went back to attempt the next room on their list. The Saw room. This is currently by far my favourite room out of all the ones I have completed mainly because I love horror themed anything.

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you all after all of that is that recently I got offered a part time position at that very same place and from now on will be spending a lot of my time, locking people in rooms. I have only been a handful of times and already I love it. I can’t wait to start my Escape Room journey with them and it really feels like home. Coming from a very theatrical background and loving stage management as much as I do it’s kind of like a dream job I suppose. I get to set the stage over and over again for an hour long show and maybe hand out a few hints here and there if I’m feeling generous.

If you are interested in playing your first escape rooms then feel free to shout me and I’ll let you know which ones are appropriate for you, or if you fancy joining me on any other escape rooms elsewhere and you think I might like to join your team for a session, just shout up, I’m always looking for new places to go and escape from!

What I will say is these places are great for a special birthday treat, team building, works social event or general night out. So if you haven’t tried it then it’s a must. Find out your nearest escape rooms and let me know how you get on.

So come along to Escape Game Over and I’ll hopefully see you there.

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See you there….. if you DARE!!!